The Crunchbird

A boutique vintage reproduction in tweed.

Mercury Magnetics power transformer, Mercury Magnetics output transformer, point to point hand wired with vintage-style cloth wire, Orange Drop and TAD capacitors, carbon comp resisistors so this amp will 'age' like the classics. Vintage-style waxed cloth speaker wire hand twisted and connected to an 8" Tone Tubby Hemp Cone speaker.
If you've been looking for that low watt blues amp...the 'Layla' amp...that Joe Walsh sound...a great harp won't find one better than this.
I'm a Mercury Magnetics Dealer so the transformers come with a 10 year warranty. There is also a 2 year warranty on the rest of the amp... except the tubes.

Great Amp...Great Tone! You're going to love this Crunchbird!

Price: $697.00